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Recruitment Transformation

Our Mission

To create a world class recruitment strategy which consistently delivers an increased return on investment, reduces cost, acquires great talent and one which positions you as an Employer of Choice

Your Challenges


  • Inability to fill critical roles inhibits business growth
  • Slow time to hire causes business disruption and productivity / revenue loss
  • Poor or inconsistent quality of hires inhibits business performance
  • Lack of engagement inhibits business performance
  • Talent is attracted to competitors giving them a competitive advantage


  • Lack of application volumes
  • Lack of candidate quality
  • Poor staff retention rates
  • Low employee engagement
  • Poor direct sourcing contact conversions
  • Lack of awareness of organisation in external market
  • Inconsistent process leading to varying service levels to hiring managers
  • Candidate experience not measured leading to potential disenfranchised individuals


  • High dependency on expensive recruitment agencies
  • Pressure to pay Premium remuneration and compensation to secure candidates

Outcomes Delivered

1. Improved awareness of the the employer

Through the creation of authentic and effective recruitment marketing collateral, including the option to engage us to create a revamped Careers Site which encourages the right candidates to apply and previous applicants to remain engaged.

2. Reduced Time to Hire

Achieved through improved recruitment marketing and vacancy promotion along with direct approaches to passive candidates by the Cogito team.

3. Reduced Cost per Hire

Achieved through a significant increase in direct applicants both through improved recruitment marketing, direct approaches and effective talent pipelining.

4. Improved Quality of Hire

Achieved through the provision of a dedicated team of recruitment solutions experts from Strategic to Operational levels.

5. Improved Candidate and Hiring Manager experience

Gained through the expert delivery of an authentic recruitment process, high levels of communication, feedback and survey of the process at the end of each vacancy.

How would analytical insight benefit your recruitment?

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