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Competitor Skills & Market Research

The Benefits of Research

We provide unrivalled people insights to organisations so that they can make strategic decisions which enable them to attract, engage and retain talent. Our team of researchers and analysts utilise tried and tested techniques to gather and interrogate data from a wide range of sources to ensure that our customers know more about competitors for talent, candidates and labour markets than anyone else.

Our Solution

Competitor Intelligence

Identifying key people, business performance, how they attract and engage talent, workforce diversity, pay & benefits and organisational structures.


Remuneration and benefits research across skills, sectors, geographies and companies which enables you to benchmark using evidence-based insight.

Labour Market

Unemployment, socio-economic, education, earnings and demographic research at local, regional and country level which delivers wider market insights to shape longer term people and business strategies.

Hiring Demand

Current and Historic recruitment activity by your competitors for talent, specific skill sets and geographic regions, presenting a statistical evaluation of the market to assist you in overcoming the challenges faced in attracting and retaining talented people.

Skills Market

Labour market analysis and predictive insights which support proactive people strategies.  Highlighting the movement of target skill sets and pay, location, tenure and career pathways trends.

Employer Brand

Evidencing the strength of your employer brand in relation to the level of awareness and perception in your target candidate markets and how you compare to your competitors for talent. 

Our Insight

We produce qualitative and quantitative data reports which address key people, and business, related questions which empowers our customers to grow.

Our insights are presented in board report style or dynamic online dashboards and tailored to our customers needs. 

We do not operate a tick box approach, we create research strategies which focus upon the problems our customers are trying to solve and we work closely with them to create bespoke reporting outputs which deliver unrivalled people insights.

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