Insight-Driven Employer Brand

Not just a pretty face, we do our research!

We do our research before we begin any creative work or change your employer proposition. We want to discover what is different about working for you. We propose to use a robust but quick and agile research process to ensure that we uncover the truth and the reflection of employer attractiveness.


  • Your employer proposition must fulfil three key objectives: unique, authentic and attractive.
  • We use a mix of audit, desk-based and telephone research, focus groups, surveys, and interviews.  
  • This breadth of data gathering and analysis ensures that Cogito provides unrivalled and evidenced-based recommendations and valuable insights to help employers shape their employer brand.

How has this helped other businesses?

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Research  Methodology

Competitor Research: 

We will use our unique employer brand audit tool to benchmark your employer brand against between 8-10 of your key competitors for talent.


This will help us gauge the quality of work in your area and where the bar sits. It also allows us to understand your competitors’ core offers and messages, which enables us to achieve differentiation by avoiding duplication.

External Research: 

We will carry out in-depth telephone interviews with 100 candidates that match your most important hiring criteria. We will also combine this with desk-based research and insight to give a rich report of the external market.


Telephone interviews give a depth and quality of data that surveys can’t achieve. They will provide deep insight into target audiences’ perceptions, sentiments, and needs. In hard to fill areas, this is critical knowledge. Engaged candidates can also be added to your talent pool as potential hires. Combining this with desk-based research, we will be able to present to you the external perception of your brand and business. 

Internal Research: 

Armed with an insight into the expectations of the candidate market, we will then turn to your colleagues to investigate the reality of working for you. We will blend interviews, focus groups and surveys, and a review of existing company materials and reports to develop an in-depth understanding of working for you.


It is important to hear directly from your employees to gain emotional insight into what it feels like to work for you. We will do this through surveys and focus groups to help us understand how current employees feel about their recent employment experience adding colour and depth to the existing data. These sessions will give us the insight to build our EVP framework and shine a light on many other issues that you will probably not be aware of and that you may want to address.

Insights to help you win the war for talent.

With our Employer Brand insight, you can understand:

  • What your ideal candidate is looking for;
  • How the external market perceives your brand;
  • How your employer brand and EVP are perceived internally ;
  • How you compare against competing employers;
  • Broken down by market, gender, function, sector and other key splits.

Want more insights?

Our insights go beyond employer branding. Given our understanding of labour markets, candidates and organisations we have decided to share our insight and knowledge in the iThink Hub so more and more people can benefit from what we do.