Research & Insights

Employer Brand Perception

Knowing what the talent you want to hire knows and thinks about your business is the first step in understanding the strength of your employer brand.  We will assess whether your attraction channels, image and reputation are positively engaging with the candidate market as you want it too and tell you what you can do to improve the way that talent views your organisation.

How do we do it?

Our Researchers conduct online and telephone interviews with talent audiences to understand their pre-conceptions of your organisation as an employer. The conversations help us to bring to life what matters to them as individuals, what they are looking for in a new employer and what motivates them in life. 

It enables us to build clear personas for the typical talent you are looking to hire, meaning we can be far more accurate and targeted with our resourcing activities, helping to improve your recruitment return on investment.

Our insights include:

The Awareness of Employer Brand

The Perception of Employer Brand

How candidate opinion about your business is formed

Candidate Motivators and what they want from their next role

The Awareness of Employer Brand

The best platforms, channels and content to engage with them

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