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The first step towards becoming successfully self-sufficient in recruitment, helping you to find the right talent whilst saving you money.

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This is for you if….

Reliant on agencies

You are relying heavily on expensive agency recruitment and want to move towards a direct hiring model

Attraction difficulties

You are struggling to attract sufficient quantities of applicants

Low quality applications

Your applications are not of the quality you would like

High attrition

Good candidates are failing to turn into good hires

High staff turnover

Good candidates are failing to turn into good hires

What We Achieve

  • Reduce employee attrition
  • Reduced cost per hire
  • Reduced time per hire
  • Improved quality of hire
  • Increased business productivity
  • Improved brand awareness
  • Increased return on investment

Our Employer Brand and Recruitment Audit evidences how you can improve the effectiveness of your recruitment model to heighten the awareness of, and engagement with, your employer brand resulting in reduced spend and increased productivity. Our team of experts independently assess:

  • Sourcing Strategies
  • Assessment Standards
  • Employer Brand
  • Hiring Manager and Recruiter capability
  • Return on Investment
  • System and Tools

Following our comprehensive review we will present a clear action plan, supported by fact-based recommendations which will create a climate for hiring success.

HR Director – Financial Services

“We operate in a highly competitive market, as such the quality of talent is of paramount importance to us. We recognised that we needed a partner who could demonstrate thought leadership and build a new, energetic and best practice recruitment model, Cogito were the obvious choice. We are delighted to have worked with a partner who puts our needs first and who have helped to transform our recruitment into something we can be proud of”

Package Options


A light touch review of your recruitment model and employer brand:

  • Analysis of your current employer value proposition, recruitment advertising, career site, job descriptions and social media content
  • Benchmarking of your activity against your key competitors for talent
  • Insight into what people are saying about you as an employer online and on social media
  • Analysis of the media channels and job boards you employ for recruitment
  • Analysis of assessment and selection tools
  • Analysis of the recruitment process and technology

The team will then provide high-level recommendations for improvements on each area that will add real value to your recruitment strategy.

All for under £1,500!

(Refunded if we are subsequently engaged for the Full Review)

Full Review

Our deep dive analysis and review incorporating a more comprehensive review of the Discovery option items, along with:

  • Engagement with Senior Stakeholders, Hiring Managers and New Starters to evidence the recruitment experience and the Employer Value Proposition
  • Analysis of recruitment marketing, careers site and social media content and channels
  • External Audience Employer Brand perception research
  • Financial and Recruitment Performance Data Analysis
  • Recruitment Document Review; job descriptions, advertisements, interview tools, assessment and selection criteria
  • Analysis of systems, process and people

The team will then present a detailed strategic improvement plan including key milestones and the return upon investment that will transformation the way your business attracts and engages talent to drive your business forward.

All for under £1,500!

(Refunded if we are subsequently engaged for the Full Review)

Whether you are small business who need flexible and dedicated expertise or a larger company who want to grab hold of spend, brand and process, get in touch to learn how Cogito will transform the way in which your business recruits.

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