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Person Profiling

At Cogito we believe that to be as effective as possible when hiring and succession planning, it’s valuable to know all you can about a candidate. How do they benchmark against the market? How are they likely to perform if successful? What culture they will prosper in? And what culture they will bring with them? 

Using the latest psychometric technologies our consultants help get behind the CV when hiring externally or assessing the potential of your internal talent.

 Our goal is to help you make an informed choice by providing deeper and more objective information on candidates: how they think, what motivates them and how they influence and lead. We can offer a range of both Personality and Ability measures for Junior, Mid and Senior hires.

   Personality Profiling

Personality measures offer an objective tool in the hiring process that can reduce bias, decrease attrition, and uncover hidden strengths & weaknesses that may have been left untouched by traditional recruitment methods.  Ability tests can drill down to the core skills for a role, they are harder to fake than an interview or CV and can ensure that the candidate is as fit for the role as they appear to be, again reducing attrition and long-term hiring costs.

At Cogito we use the NEO personality inventory, the gold-standard questionnaire measure of the Five Factor Model (FFM), it provides a detailed personality description that can be a valuable resource for predicting behaviour and professional outcomes. In essence the NEO is a personality inventory that maps a person’s ‘Big Five’ personality traits (Openness to Experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism). In addition, the NEO PI-R also reports on six subcategories of each Big Five personality trait (called facets). Using a statistical report of the candidates responses, our Psychometric Specialists construct a narrative report tailored to the context of your role and organisation.

Our NEO reports are broken down into 4 main sections;

The executive summary

This highlights the key salient points from the report and aims to give a succinct overview of the strengths & weaknesses that the report has highlighted.

Specific ‘Tailored Observations’

This section of the report interprets the candidate’s responses with a focus on role specific areas. For instance, this could be tailored to Stress Management, Work Ethic, Interpersonal Style and many other areas. The observations are then evidenced by a percentile distribution graph depicting the candidates score on the Facet / Domain in relation to a relevant sample of the UK working population.      

General Observations

The ‘General Observations’ section addresses the Strengths, Weaknesses and other more prominent parts of the Candidates’ personality. This is designed to give an overall depiction of the candidate’s general interpersonal style and ways of working.

Interview Exploration

Suggested areas to explore in interview. This section addresses parts of the candidate’s personality that may potentially be problematic should the candidate be successful, and as such should be explored in depth at interview.

Ability Testing

Ability testing can be a powerful tool when screening large numbers of candidates or ensuring that applicants have the capacity to perform in a role. There is compelling research that shows that Ability Testing can surpass traditional selection methods in predicting a candidate’s performance if subsequently hired.

Cogito can offer a wide range of ability tests from a number of suppliers (Pearson, SHL, Hogrefe, Saville, etc) however below is a general overview of the tests that we offer as part of our standard packages for Junior, Mid and Senior hires. If you have any requirements that are not outlined below, please get in contact with our team who would be happy to discuss the solutions that we can provide.


The PPM battery measures a number of separately distinguishable psychological aptitudes. It thus provides information relevant for numerous professions. The tests which form the battery are independent of each other and are measure distinct ranges of ability. Each one will measure an area of reasoning which has value in its being specifically predictive. That is, each test stands on its own. Alternatively, it can be combined with other tests to give enhanced predictability. 

A summary of the nine PPM tests is provided below.

  • Numerical Computation
  • Numerical Reasoning 
  • Applied Power   
  • Processing Speed   
  • Mechanical Understanding  
  • Perceptual Reasoning   
  • Spatial Ability
  • Verbal Comprehension  
  • Verbal Reasoning  

For more information about the right test for your requirement contact our specialists on connect@cogitotalent.com


Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Test

This test measures the ability to look at a situation and clearly understand it from multiple perspectives whilst separating facts from opinions and assumptions.

Managers at all levels are bombarded with information that looks good on the surface but may be incomplete or even flawed. It can be easy to make assumptions, draw the wrong conclusions and, therefore, make the wrong decisions. This test is a good measure to ascertain a candidates critical thinking ability and thus mitigate the risk of employing a candidate who may make bad decisions.

The questionnaire is divided into three sections, each of which measures a different aspect of critical thinking. The sections are; Recognise assumptions, Evaluate arguments and Draw conclusions.

Ravens Progressive Matrices

Raven’s is a leading global non-verbal measure of general mental ability, helping to identify candidates with advanced observation and clear-thinking skills who can handle the complexity and ambiguity. The test offers information about a candidate’s capacity for analysing and solving problems, abstract reasoning, and the ability to learn.  This test does not rely on language and as such, reduces cultural bias, which is particularly relevant given the geographical spread of candidates.

We provide executive talent intelligence which will enable you to enhance your senior hiring through evidenced based insight which we will result in you hiring candidates who will both fuel growth and drive performance.

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