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Leadership Hiring

We know for many organisations it’s no easy task sourcing talented senior candidates with both the expertise and personal qualities that align with your company’s culture and values. Getting this right is essential – hiring mistakes at this level can often be both time consuming and extremely expensive.

Executive Research

Executive Talent Map

Person Profiling

Finding the Best

Our iHeadhunt blend of executive search expertise with data analysis offers a unique solution which empowers you to make informed hiring decisions.

We find the people you need, both now and for the future, wherever they may be and importantly, alongside the facts-and-figures, the deep insights we offer will enable you to directly engage with this talent in the most effective way.

Knowing precisely where your desired talent is, their remuneration, their career aspirations and what will attract them to your organisation will give you the platform to nurture relationships with talent for today and tomorrow. We can also help you to understand external hiring demand, career pathways which identifies future talent, tenure trends, motivators and the geographical spread of talent, which will give you a clear commercial advantage over your less well-informed competitors.

How do we do it?

  • We will identify Senior Talent with appropriate backgrounds within the target market.
  • Target competitors & other organisations 
  • Assess role competence and company fit 
  • Provide you with the opportunity to engage with the best talent direct
  • Deliver the insights so that you make the best hiring decision 
  • Conduct Full Candidate Management

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