Same old same old same old: standard career site. Generic content: culture, strategy, about us, operations, benefits, employee testimonials, vacancies.

There’s so much ‘Employer Blanding’ around, it makes it hard to see the many benefits of good Employer Branding.

But we bet that when you do see good branding, you take note. Candidates do too.

So the question for you right now is: how are you supposed to shine in the marketplace if you don’t stand out? 

Over very many years, we’ve spent a lot of time reviewing and auditing Employer Brand activity. Our clients ask us because their communications aren’t getting the results they want: vacancies filled easily with good people who are engaged and productive and who want to grow with the business.

What we mostly see is an awful lot of generic content.

As well as what is often an ‘ordinary’ careers site, we see social media activity that is tokenistic, featuring the latest charity endeavours or, depending on the time of year, Christmas jumpers.

Is this really who you are at heart? Is this how you want to be seen?    

For us, our question is always: who is this actually aimed at?

And the only answer we can arrive at is that these companies just don’t know.

It feels like and exercise in having to produce something – anything, just to stay relevant or active in the market. There’s little thought or insight into given to the audience. It’s ultimately a shot is the dark: bland communications that get lost in the echo chamber and, ultimately, aren’t a good use of your time or resources.

You are better than that.

Spending a little time getting to know your audience – the kind of people you want to attract, how they behave and what matters to them – is invaluable.  It will also save you time and heartache further down the road.

Your Customer: The Candidate.

In Consumer Marketing, these people are called “Customers”. In HR and recruitment we call them “Candidates”, but they are essentially one and the same: people who we want to have a positive relationship with our brand and who we want to engage with our offer.

But can you imagine a Consumer Marketer developing a new product proposition, creating marketing collateral describing the features and benefits, then hoping that it will find its way to the right audience?

Of course not.

They start where you should: by going through a process of understanding who their potential customers might be, what they want and how their product delivers that.

No one, absolutely no one, makes a decision on where they want to work based on charitable activity or the opportunity to wear a silly jumper at Christmas. Yes it’s good to know the business is thoughtful and fun, but those are clinchers NOT core drivers.  

Consumer Marketeers get to know their audience intimately before committing to any kind of creative development or marketing communications. They carefully profile and segment their audiences and match their product or service USPs to the needs of those individual groups.

They get to the absolute fundamentals of what their ideal people want and their shine a light on those qualities. They tell a story about who they are and what they do and how they do it.

Today, smart organisations understand that good hiring goes beyond the ability to assess if someone can do a job to embrace cultural fit and potential.

It’s bigger picture stuff that drives bigger – and better – results.

It also reaches past active job seekers to activate passive audiences.

It cuts through the mass of digital noise, using tailored messages that not only attract attention but activate emotional engagement.

The easiest way to do this?

Create career messaging that speaks directly to their needs and desires.

Once you understand your individual audiences, you can tailor your content and media activity to ensure that the right people are getting the right messages on the right platforms.

It allows you to pull out the facets of your EVP that will be most appealing to individual audiences and really “amp them up” to ensure you are creating the strongest possible emotional connection.

It’ll make your employer branding efforts more streamlined, purposeful, focused, engaging, efficient and effective and give a much better return on investment as opposed to a “scattergun” approach which attempts to appeal to all but ends up appealing to no-one.



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