Employer Value Proposition –  Research & Creation

Every great employer brand strategy is underpinned by a clear Employer Value Proposition.

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Your EVP reveals why your employees choose to work for you and not your competitors. It also illuminates perceptions and expectations of external talent audiences, allowing you to go to market with confident, authentic and attractive messages.

Cogito’s team of researchers listen to the views of internal and external audiences alike, using a combination of surveys, interviews and focus groups to build a strong EVP framework that you can rely upon. Our team help you to understand what you should be saying to create maximum resonance with talent audiences and how, where and when you should be saying it.

This is the first step towards improved employer branding, skipping EVP research and creation will lead to your organisation missing the mark when you begin your employer brand activation to attract prospective employees.

What are the benefits of a strong Employer Value Proposition?

Improved company culture – An employee value proposition is a great way to blueprint and solidify your company culture. The emphasis on engagement shows employees that their happiness is a top priority.

Increased attraction – if you struggle to attract the right candidates the problem may be your Employer Value Proposition. For certain roles, candidates need to be excited by your organisations benefits and culture, if not, they may struggle to envision themselves working for you.

Increased referrals – Employees are much more likely to recommend their organisation to their contacts if they have an effective EVP to back up the referral with.

Decreased turnover – Generally speaking, employees have become less loyal over the years and a strong Employer Value Proposition can help employers keep hold of their best talent.

Improved financial performance – Current employees are more productive in organisations with a better EVP and the reduced turnover means you spend less on recruitment.

Want more insights?

Our insights go beyond employer branding. Given our understanding of labour markets, candidates and organisations we have decided to share our insight and knowledge in the iThink Hub so more and more people can benefit from what we do.