Brand Development & Activation

We’ll help to create a visual style and narrative theme that will set you aside from your competitors, catching the eye and winning the hearts and minds of talent audiences.

Once we’ve thoroughly researched and created your EVP, we’ll use our findings to get to work on developing your employer brand. Our award-winning creative designers, photographers, filmmakers and copywriters will help you to build a unique employer brand identity that resonates with your talent audiences. You can feel at ease knowing your brand is being developed by industry leading experienced professionals who are guaranteed to deliver results.

We’ll help you to tell your story by creating the assets that will take you to market, such as an interactive careers site, engaging social media content, and valuable employee communications. Our unmatched passion, skills, and insights for employer branding are the perfect combination for creating bespoke solutions. You’ll soon be ready to start managing your brand and feel comfortable in control.

Benefits of brand development & activation

– You’ll stand out amongst the competition to top quality candidates. Your competitors may have superior benefits but if you communicate yours better, you’ll stand out.

– Candidates will begin to seek you out as an employer of choice, leading to a well nurtured talent pipeline. This will save you both time and money in the recruitment process.

– Communicating your brand better will improve current employee morale and retention. A better understanding of the company they work for and the benefits they’re offered is always a big positive.

Want more insights?

Our insights go beyond employer branding. Given our understanding of labour markets, candidates and organisations we have decided to share our insight and knowledge in the iThink Hub so more and more people can benefit from what we do.