Insight-Driven Employer Brand

Understand your Employer Perception and build a sustainable Employer Brand

Your Employer Brand is Essential 

Defining your employer proposition is essentially finding the answer to this simple question: “Why should people choose to work for us instead of someone else?”

We are different from most Employer Brand providers. We don’t just focus on the visual outputs – we work with you to understand what it’s like to work for your business and obtain an accurate picture of how your employees and the external market perceive you. We want to provide insight and data, giving you valuable feedback to make informed decisions when building your EVP. 

How have we helped other businesses?

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  • Companies with a strong employer brand have realised a 50% growth in their talent acquisition, engagement, and retention metrics. 
  • Our services are ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, providing flexible and cost-effective advice and creative brand development.
  • We benefit from a network of hand-picked Employer Brand Specialists and Creatives, who we can call upon to bring any Employer Branding project to life.

EVP Research & Creation

Brand Development & Activation

Employer Brand Management

Why we’re different

We believe there are two key factors that make us different to other employer brand consultancies.

A data-driven approach

Many employer branding agencies started life as Design agencies and evolved from there, meaning their focus tends to be on how things look, rather than how they perform.

Our roots are in Data and Research meaning we approach employer branding from a more data-driven, analytical perspective. Put simply, we spend more time understanding what audiences want, what drives behaviours and what produces results and less time fixating on catchy straplines and eye-catching colour schemes. 

That’s not to say that we don’t produce great-looking, highly creative employer brands. Of course we do… It’s just we’re not in the business of wooing clients with gimmicks that aren’t well researched. We want your employer brand to look great, but we also want to be sure it’s going to produce outstanding results. The key to this is using deep research and data to drive our decision making. 

Measurable results and a sustainable legacy

Many employer branding businesses have a “win the project, do the work, get out quick” approach to working with their clients.

Our aim is to help you get your employer brand up and running. But more than this, we want you to be able to be able to maintain and develop it to its full potential, with increasing levels of self-sufficiency. That’s why, in addition to our brand research and development services, we also provide ongoing performance metrics and consultative guidance through our unique data reporting platform. Also working closely with recognised industry experts to provide online courses and workshop-based coaching to help develop your Recruiter and Hiring Managers into Employer Branding experts. 

We build successful brands and help to create teams that maintain that success.  

Cogito Employer Branding Engagement Model

Understanding Audiences

  • Competitor Research
  • External audience surveys
  • Employee surveys and focus groups
  • Business Strategy & Vision

Telling a Compelling Story

  • EVP framework  development
  • Creative identity development
  • Brand strategy and activation

Create a Sustainable Legacy

  • Brand performance reporting
  • Ongoing brand Consultancy
  • Team coaching and development
  • “Cogito have become a key partner to Moog in delivering a range of people insights, recruitment and consultative project; from Talent Mapping to Employer Brand.  As a business we have an appetite to continually evolve how we attract, engage and retain talented people across the globe and Cogito’s expertise has helped us to do this.”
  • “Cogito provides us with a tailored strategy based upon our unique needs, great candidates, market insight and continuous advice to ensure we are set up for continued success and increased return upon our investment.”
  • “Cogito worked in partnership with our internal resourcing team, acting as an extension of the team and took the time to truly understand the culture, purpose and values of our business in order to ensure we hired people who align with these.”
  • “Cogito’s research enabled us to adapt new ways of promoting our employer brand to prospective employees with full recognition of how our competitors were conducting their recruitment.”